Kim K Responds to Seth Rogen/James Franco "Bound" Parody Video

Kim K Responds to Seth Rogen/James Franco

It”s been the talk of the town since it was released earlier today (November 25), and Kim Kardashian has finally spoken out about James Franco and Seth Rogen”s parody to the “Bound” music video.

Taking to her Twitter page to express her feelings, the 33-year-old reality stunner re-tweeted the video and captioned it, “You nailed it!!! Sooo funny!”

Eager to find out she approved of their hard work, Rogen replied, tweeting, “@KimKardashian thanks! Some of those positions were really uncomfortable. That sh*t is harder than it looks.”

In case you missed it, check out a side by side version of Kanye West”s original video as well as Rogen/Franco”s hilarious remake. Let us know what you think!