Khloe Kardashian’s Nipples Debut on ‘X Factor’


Khloe Kardashian
“s boobs stole the show on “X Factor” last night … this according to Simon Cowell who said he was so distracted by KK”s tatas … he could barely focus.

During Khloe”s debut episode as a co-host — along with Mario Lopez — it became very apparent that KK wasn”t wearing a bra underneath her extremely sheer top.

At one point, Simon pointed out that Khloe was pointing out … saying, “May I say Khloe, you”re looking very sexy tonight … I think the air conditioning is on high.”

Khloe shot back, “You love it” … Simon, “It”s very distracting.”

Funny, it”s usually Simon”s nipples that can”t be contained.