Khloé Kardashian: There Is a Reason We Don’t Have a Baby

Lamar Odom and Khloé Kardashian
Khloé Kardashian doesn”t like to address tabloid rumors – but when the rumor is not only false, but personal, she”ll speak up.

“Lamar [Odom] and I do want kids and it will happen when it”s in God”s plan to happen,” the reality star told the hosts of CBS”s The Talk on Thursday, reacting to false rumors that she recently suffered a miscarriage.

Kardashian said Odom”s recent career changes – being traded from the L.A. Lakers to the Dallas Mavericks and then leaving the Mavs – has not been conducive to starting a family.

“With the trade – moving back and forth – there is a reason we don”t have a newborn baby right now,” she said.

And the reason is also not because of another inaccuracy being reported about her.

“If I was having fertility treatments I would share with the world,” said the 27-year-old, who added she would be open about her issues to show young women that it”s common. “It”s so hurtful and discouraging to women needing fertility treatments.”

As for reports on her sister”s love life – specifically Kim Kardashian”s blossoming relationship with musician Kanye West – Khloé is a fan.

“I love Kanye. He”s always been a great friend to Kim. Let them hang out and see what happens,” she said. “The best relationships come from friendships.”

Watch the whole clip here.