Kevin Spacey: Cranky with Emmy Cameraman!

Kevin Spacey: Cranky with Emmy Cameraman!

Hes one of the most accomplished actors in Tinseltown, and Kevin Spacey isnt about to take any crap from pushy photographers.

During last nights 65th Primetime Emmy Awards, the Usual Suspects star became irritated when a cameraman panned in on him while he was sitting in the audience.

Spacey took his folded-up program and swatted at the lens while displaying an annoyed expression on his face.

Prior to the show, Kevin sounded like he was having fun on the red carpet as he promoted his show House of Cards.

“We”re the new kids on the block and it”s exciting, it”s progressive, and I”m excited about the future. I think for audiences it”s incredible because they get a chance to decide how they want to view something and we”re giving them the control.”