Kevin Kline Fronts Vegas November 2013

Kevin Kline Fronts Vegas November 2013

Continuing to enjoy the success of his new comedy “Last Vegas,” Kevin Kline was selected to front the November 2013 issue of Vegas magazine.

While rocking designer duds from Giorgio Armani and Gucci for the Brigitte Lacombe-shot spread, the 66-year-old actor chatted about his acting and his wife “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” star Phoebe Cates.

Check out a few highlights from Mr. Kline”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Vegas!

On his career:
“I took a part on Broadway in “On the Twentieth Century,” which I first turned down, then got talked into doing it. The part grew in rehearsal, and a song was written for me. We developed it, and the part turned into a really good part, whereas on the page it was not. It got great reviews, and I got a Tony Award. That was when I realized, Well, I”m glad I did this. I almost didn”t. I learned a lot of lessons: how something appears on the page isn”t necessarily how it”s going to end up, that there is a process. That was the moment: “I guess I must be doing something right here.””

On his supporters:
“I felt since the very beginning of my career that the less people know about me personally, the more advantageous it will be for them if they”re watching me act, the more they can suspend disbelief. There are brilliant and successful actors about whom we know intimate details, so some can be transcend it. But I just want to stack the deck as much as I can in my favor by being discreet or closemouthed about my personal life.”

On Phoebe:
“She comes from a family of producers and grew up going to the theater constantly. She is really smart. Usually she”s not terribly interested in [acting], but if I really need advice, I will ask her for it, and she will give it.”