Kevin Connolly — ‘Entourage’ Movie IS HAPPENING … All Actors Now On Board

Exclusive 102113_kevin_connolly_launchIt”s not official yet, but the “Entourage” movie is 100% happening — in fact, production is expected to kick off as soon as January — so says “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly.

Connolly — who played E on the show — was out in NYC yesterday when we asked about the status of the film.

As we reported, executive producer Mark Wahlberg previously said the project was on hold due to certain “greedy” actors demanding unreasonable sums of money (he didn”t specify who) — but it sounds like they”ve since solved their money issues.

Connolly now says the project is back on track, and everyone is on board. They”re gunning to start production in January. FINALLY. Check the clip for details.