Kerry Kennedy Crash — I Wasn’t on Drugs … I Had a Seizure

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Kerry Kennedy has plead not guilty to driving under the influence of drugs during her July 13 car crash … claiming she had a seizure as a result of an old head injury.

Kennedy appeared in North Castle Town Court in New York last night to answer for the incident in which she crashed into a tractor-trailer around 8 AM. Cops said she failed multiple sobriety tests and exhibited slurred speech.

But Kerry says she may have accidentally told the cops she had taken an Ambien sleeping pill that day … but says she was mistaken, claiming tests showed “no alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription medication in my system.”

Kerry also claims she underwent neurological tests following the crash … and an MRI revealed “an area of hyper density” in her brain which she claims is the result of an old head injury. 
“This accident was caused not by a sleeping aid but by a complex partial seizure,” Kerry said.

Kennedy — daughter of Robert F. Kennedy — is due back in court in August.