Kerri Walsh Jennings Joins Forces with April Ross

Kerri Walsh Jennings Joins Forces with April Ross

The volleyball realm just gained a powerful new duo, as Kerri Walsh Jennings has teamed up with April Ross following her former partner Misty May-Treanors retirement.

The 34-year-old Olympic star (with three gold medals to her name) told press that she chose Ross because of her desire and ambition.

Kerri noted, “She”s a stud and has been working her butt off for the past couple years. I want to be with a winner and that”s why I asked her.”

As for moving on from her time with May-Treanor (they were considered the best volleyball team of all time), Walsh Jennings shared, “I”ve had a lot of months to think about it and it”s very bittersweet. I”m so proud of what we accomplished together. We still love each other infinitely, but it was time to move on.”

“It”s a really heavy experience, but it”s a really special one. You see each other every single day, you travel together and you live together out of suitcases, staying in dinky hotel rooms in Europe.”