Kenny Smith — T-Mac & Kobe Are Wrong … Jordan Is The Greatest EVER

Exclusive 082313_kenny_smith_launchNBA alum Kenny Smith thinks Kobe & T-Mac are suffering from a severe case of baller amnesia — “cause when it comes to the greatest offensive player of all time, there”s only one real answer — MICHAEL JORDAN.

Kenny knows what he”s talking about — he played against all 3 superstars … and yesterday at LAX, The Jet told us that Bryant and Tracy McGrady must”ve been mistaken when they named each other as the toughest guy they ever had to guard.

So, why did Kobe leave MJ off of his infamous list of toughest NBA players to guard last week Kenny has a theory …

“Sometimes when you write a list up, like of your favorite foods … but you just forget that one food  Jordan is that one food.”

During the encounter, Kenny states his case for his Airness … and it”s pretty compelling. Check out the clip.