Kelly Osbourne's Heart Bleeds for Halloween

Kelly Osbourne's Heart Bleeds for Halloween

Paying tribute to Stephen King”s macabre classic, the stylish Kelly Osbourne attended Bootsy Bellows” Halloween party last night (October 31) dressed as the blood-drenched Carrie.

The 29-year-old was exquisitely clad, wearing a tiara and beautiful prom dress, soaked head-to-toe in what looked exactly like authentic crimson human plasma, drawing the attention of everyone she passed.

Kelly launched a list of fun tweets last night, the first of which read, “#LetTheBloodPouringBegin! This feels disgusting!” The post was linked to an Instagram picture of her hand as she began the blood and make-up process.

Another posting featured a snapshot of Kelly next to daddy Ozzy, with the caption, “Just stopped by to make sure my dad like my costume!!!!! He loved it! Yaaaay.”

And finally, after the make-up and scarlet ooze had come off, she wrote, “I”m working with a children”s company today and I”m still covered in blood! It won”t come off! Please don”t fire me!”