Kelly Osbourne keeps quiet on her leg brace as she attends LA gala

Kelly Osbourne had fans wondering if she was okay on Saturday as she wore a leg brace on an evening out in Los Angeles.

Smiling as she posed for the camera, Kelly gave no indication as to why her right foot was ensconced in the brace.

Later on Instagram, the former reality TV star-turned-TV presenter took a shot of the foot and gave fans some insight into the accident.

Kelly Osbourne

“#StressFractures are the worst! At least I get a cool #RoboCopBoot” Kelly captioned the snap.

The 29-year-old star was attending the 2014 Trevor Project NextGen Prom with pal Amanda Golombek and had styled her recently shorn off hair in to a stylish quiff.

Wearing a gorgeous black lace dress Kelly showed off her svelte figure that proved to media outlets who had reported she had gained weight that she was certainly in control of her health.

Kelly split from her fiancé Matthew Mosshart and announced her annoyance over her weight with a series of tweets.

“When did I all of a sudden gain 20lbs” posted Kelly. “I just asked my ass and she can”t seem to remember either! #MustBeASlowNewsWeek!”

Kelly also posted a snap of her body in a lime green jumper and skirt. While the picture didn”t show the presenter”s face, she can be seen holding her top up to reveal her stomach.

Earlier in the year Kelly caused a stir when she showed off a new buzz cut, but it appeared the dramatic new look wasn”t enough for Kelly and she chopped off ever more of her hair.

The Fashion Police host took to Instagram to update her fans as her hair underwent another transformation.

While she had previously only shaved sections of her head, Kelly decided to fully shave both sides, leaving a mohawk of purple hair on the top.