Kelly Clarkson Talks Boyfriends, Kids and Music Career

Kelly Clarkson
What does Kelly Clarkson see in her future

“Hopefully I”m … married with four kids,” the singer says in a new interview with The Daily Beast. “I love what I do right now, but I live a very single life.”

Continues Clarkson, 29: “I”m enjoying that, but I don”t plan on doing this forever.”

She just released her fifth album, Stronger, but she doesn”t want to record music forever. She says that once she settles down with a man and starts a family, her career will take a backseat.

“I don”t know if I”ll retire,” she says, “but it won”t be as full-on. Obviously things will supersede music.”

Perhaps she”s taken some inspiration from her American Idol pal, Clay Aiken, who has a 4-year-old son Parker and has since stopped recording new music.

“I haven”t seen Parker since he [was] a baby,” Clarkson says. “Clay sends me little updated pictures. That kid is freaking adorable.”

As for her love life right now, Clarkson is single – but happy with that.

“I haven”t been in a bad relationship in years,” she says, adding that most of the men she sings about in her song aren”t recent boyfriends.

Would she ever consider online dating

“Oh, no! “Oh, hey, I”m Kelly Clarkson: want to go on a date” That wouldn”t work for me,” she says, “unless I lied to them, and I”m not going to lie to someone off the bat.”