Kelly Clarkson Calls Out "Pitchy Strippers" at the VMAs

Kelly Clarkson Calls Out

Last night”s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards had everybody talking, but not everybody was so thrilled with the stage antics that went on.

On Monday, Kelly Clarkson tweeted, “Just saw a couple performances from the VMAs last night. 2 words…. #pitchystrippers.”

Though she didn”t mention any names, a couple of contenders could be Miley Cyrus, whose raunchy collaboration with Robin Thicke raised eyebrows and Lady Gaga, who donned only a seashell brassiere and thong for most of the evening.

When one of the 31-year-old singer”s followers pointed out that her comment was “not nice,” Kelly replied, “haha that WAS me being nice!”