Ke$ha Seeks to Spank Harry Styles

Ke$ha Seeks to Spank Harry Styles

Her desire for One Directioner Harry Styles is no secret, and Ke$ha got a little more specific about her plans for the young stud during a new interview.

The Die Young singer confessed that while she never seems to pick the right guy, thats not stopping her from swooning over the curly-coiffed crooner.

I actually have poor taste in men. Maybe while Im in London, I should put my feelers out and try to get Harry Styles. That would really be a step in the right direction.

When asked what shed like to say to Styles, Ke$ha unashamedly blurted out, Text me any time. I could give you a little spank.

Hes a beautiful thing, isnt he I wont eat him. I actually gave him an award at some show, so I got to give him a little squeeze. [His hair] smells like roses and tropical lotions mixed with butterflies.