Katy Perry??s Prism is a Biohazard in Australia

Katy Perry??s Prism is a Biohazard in Australia

Her hits are invaded the Billboard charts, but Katy Perry”s album Prism is causing a few concerns down under.

International copies of the albums deluxe version were deemed a biohazard in Australia due to the seed paper used in the artwork. Perry created the album artwork with this special paper to plant it and spread the light.

According to Aussie officials in the Department of Agriculture, Seeds or plant material of international origin may be a weed not present in Australia or the host of a plant pathogen of biosecurity concern.

Australian copies of the album contain seeds for the Swan River daisy, but albums sold outside of the country need to be inspected prior to entrance.

“The Australian Government has a strong system in place to detect and respond to material of biosecurity concern,” the Department of Agriculture official said. “This includes the inspection of mail, cargo and baggage.”

According to reports, Prism albums may be brought from outside the country because it is sold at a lower cost in many areas including the U.S.