Katy Perry Plugs Prism in Germany

Katy Perry Plugs Prism in Germany

Pushing worldwide success for her new music, Katy Perry promoted Prism at German radio 1Live in Cologne, Germany on Friday (November 15).

Appropriately, the “Roar” singer wore an iridescent jacket and matching short skirt as she smiled brightly for photos.

In the December issue of Marie Claire Australia, the 29-year-old pop star talks about the inspiration for her latest record.

Begun around the time of her divorce from Russell Brand, Katy shares, “I started Prism in November 2012 and I was in a darker place in my life. There was a song called “By the Grace of God” which paints a picture about how low I was feeling like I wasnt enough, it wasnt possible for me to be loved.”

As for how she recovered, Ms. Perry says, “From a lot of searching for help through a lot of changing how I think about myself. On this record, theres a song called “Love Me” which is a song about loving yourself first in order to be loved properly.”