Katy Perry Plugs Gay Marriage During Australian Interview

Katy Perry Plugs Gay Marriage During Australian Interview

Continuing to promote her new single Roar, Katy Perry called in to Australias own 2DayFM Radio this week to chat with Australias opposition leader Tony Abbott.

The Prime Minister hopeful tried desperately to keep the conversation light-hearted and fun, but the I Kissed a Girl songstress seemed more interested in getting political.

Abbott told Katy that his daughters think youre the most wonderful singer, before telling her he had a big question. Perry replied, Yeah, politics! Yeah!

But Tony stayed safe, asking, When are you coming back [to Australia] We need you! When are you coming back

Katy was none too pleased- O, come on, thats not a political question. Lets talk about gay marriage! Abbott politely protested, Now, you”re interviewing me, Katy! and Perry proclaimed, Yeah, buddy. That”s right. Love is equal.”

After the host informed Katy that gay marriage is not really something [Tony] wants to pass, she fired back, “Well, um. I love you as a human being, but I can”t give you my vote then.”

Abbott answered, “Well, Katy, look uh, you can still come back to Australia.”