Katy Perry in Cosmo South Africa August 2013: "Life Can Never Be Too Cartoonish"

Katy Perry in Cosmo South Africa August 2013:

She”s gearing up for the premiere of her animated film “Smurfs 2” and during promotions, Katy Perry soaked up the spotlight by covering the August 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan South Africa.

While rocking a few poses for the front page spread, the “Firework” hitmaker opened up about her community service projects and even explains her colorful wardrobe.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Perry”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit a Cosmopolitan South Africa!

On her time with UNICEF:
“That trip was really important to me; it creased my gratitude and humbled me. It was amazing to be able to use my spotlight to focus attention on an area that needed it more – to help empower others.”

On her crazy sense of style:
“In my opinion, life can never be too cartoonish. I like to exaggerate and be larger than life when it”s appropriate for stage, film, and animation. I enjoy playing different characters, and I have many sides and facets to my own personality. I like to play on them all.”

On her music talents growing up:
“I have an older sister; if you have an older sibling you usually kind of compete with them. You want to be like them or wear their clothes. My sister came home after a couple of weeks with her godparents and brought home a demo – her godparents had a recording studio in their basement. I then wanted a demo as well. So I practiced her demo and performed it for my mother and she eventually said, “Oh, you are the one that needs the singing lessons.””

On her advice for others:
“Have a good support system, good friends with good morals, and just concentrate on supporting and strengthening yourself. When I”m home and I have time off, I eat well and hike with my girlfriends – I do things that serve me well and boost my confidence. Be kind to yourself and don”t be so hard on yourself.”