Katy Perry Hides as "Roar" Soars

Katy Perry Hides as

Her new single is called Roar, but as Katy Perry left a friends home in West Hollywood Thursday (August 15), it seemed like she was singing something more like Hide instead, as she shielded her face from cameras.

Speaking of Perrys new hit, the tune is already number one on iTunes Top 200 singles chart, beating out fellow pop phenom Lady Gaga with her new single Applause.

Katy”s boyfriend, fellow crooner John Mayer, predicted the song would be a huge hit. In a way you get swallowed up by it, its so big, he says. Millions of people are going to be dancing on tables to that.

Roar leaked online last Saturday, and that prompted Perry to quickly release the single to radio stations later that day. The song will be part of her upcoming album, Prism.