Katy Perry Gets Festive for Glamour UK December 2013

Katy Perry Gets Festive for Glamour UK December 2013

She dealt with a load of drama after her ex-husband Russell Brand asked for a divorce via text message in 2011, and now Katy Perry reveals her true feelings about the situation in the December 2013 issue of Glamour UK magazine.

During her interview with the publication, the “Firework” hitmaker dished about her former husband and shared details about her past relationships.

When asked if she could ever be friends with any of her exes, the 28-year-old songstress stated, “I have been in the past. It always depends on the situation… what”s appropriate really.”

Also discussing the whole situation that revolved around her relationship with Mr. Brand , Katy said, “It was right at the time and things happen. I”m OK with being vulnerable to a point.”

“I think a lot of what separates me from my peers is the “wear my heart on my sleeve-type” lyrics and the relateability that comes along with that.”

In regards about a “friendship” between her and Russell, Miss Perry declared, “Well maybe… in another life.”