Katy Perry Chats about Miley Cyrus in Marie Claire Australia December 2013

Katy Perry Chats about Miley Cyrus in Marie Claire Australia December 2013

Continuing to enjoy the success of her album PRISM, Katy Perry soaks up the spotlight by covering the December 2013 issue of Marie Claire Australia.

During her interview with the publication, the 29-year-old singer opened up about the meaning behind her single “Roar” and also revealed how she really feels about “We Can”t Stop” hitmaker Miley Cyrus.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Perry”s Q&A session below. For more, be sure to visit Marie Claire Australia!

On “Roar”:
“I think it”s just for anyone who feels a little bit down in the dumps, like they don”t have any strength. Sometimes I write these anthems because I need that boost too. I wrote [it] when I felt like I was going inward with my problems. Sometimes your biggest bully in life can be yourself – can be the person standing in the way of your success, and sometimes you have to give yourself a boost. That was what “Roar” was about. It is me, as I would imagine, an uptight New York girl who crashed in the jungle, and over the course of the music video she finds her strength and makes friends with the animals she was scared of at first.”

On Miley:
“You know what – she”s so young and she”s trying to figure it out, too. She”s just finding her bearing right now – and, God you really don”t know how much pressure and insane scrutiny there is in this world until you”re in their shoes. I think that everyone just deserves in [that] type of position because it”s a really hard level to play at.”

“I started PRISM in November 2012 and I was in a darker place in my life. There was a song called “By the Grace of God”.. Which paints a picture about how low I was… Feeling like I wasn”t enough, it wasn”t possible for me to be loved. From a lot of search for help… through a lot of changing how I think about myself… On this record, there”s a song called “Love Me” which is a song about loving yourself first in order to be loved properly.”