Katie Holmes and Suri Move Out

Suri Cruise (left) and Katie Holmes
On the morning that Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, the actress made another big decision.

Holmes, 33, and daughter Suri, 6, were spotted on June 28 moving their bags from the New York City apartment they shared with Cruise to a new apartment elsewhere in the city.

The new digs are close to some of Katie and Suri”s favorite places, including a gymnastics studio where Suri takes classes.

The move is going on while Cruise, who turns 50 on Tuesday, remains in Iceland, where he”s filming Oblivion. The first picture taken of him after the divorce filing shows the star riding in a helicopter.

Katie Holmes and Suri Move Out| Divorced, Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise

Ingolfur Juliusson / Reuters / Landov