Katherine Jackson — TJ Deserves $9k per Month to Care for MJ’s Kids

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TJ Jackson deserves $9,000 per month to care for Michael Jackson”s 3 kids … this according to MJ”s mother Katherine Jackson.

Katherine just filed legal docs … asking the court to sign off on her request to have the Michael Jackson Estate pay her grandson TJ for his care-giving duties for Paris, Blanket and Prince.

In the docs, Katherine says she originally suggested to TJ that he be paid more than $9k per month, but TJ rejected the deal … saying it was simply too much money.

In the docs, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior Court, Katherine claims TJ eventually agreed to $9k — $108,000 per year — which is roughly equivalent to the salary earned by the children”s full-time nanny.

Katherine says the salary is justified because he spends an average of 300 hours per month caring for the kids — taking them to various appointments, extra-curricular activities (karate, athletics, guitar lessons) and social outings.

Katherine says TJ — Tito”s 34-year-old son — also helps the kids with their school work and attends all school functions, including back-to-school nights and parent-teacher conferences.

A judge has yet to rule.