Katherine Jackson — No Regrets For Suing Over Michael’s Death

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Katherine Jackson has no regrets for suing AEG over Michael Jackson“s death — despite our sources who say she”s having buyer”s remorse — her attorney tells our sources.

A source close to Katherine bristled at our post, telling us, “Any reports that Katherine Jackson is feeling remorse for filing the wrongful death lawsuit are completely untrue.  Mrs. Jackson feels the lawsuit is very important, and that so far it has proven that AEG did in fact hire Dr. Murray.”

As we reported, our sources say Katherine felt pressured by Jermaine and Randy to file the case in the first place.

Katherine”s lawyer says, “The lawsuit has also confirmed that Michael Jackson was an outstanding father, son, humanitarian, and human being. [Katherine] hopes that the lawsuit will change the way that entertainment companies treat their talent.”

Fact is … even though MJ was arguably pushed to the limit, the jury didn”t feel AEG did anything wrong.