Katharine McPhee Covers Women's Health April 2013

Katharine McPhee Covers Women's Health April 2013

With her NBC series “Smash” tearing up the small screen, Katharine McPhee pitches in on promotions by covering the April 2013 issue of Women”s Health”s.

While looking absolutely flawless for the front page shot, the 28-year-old songstress opens up about topics including the changes she made to her music and how to rock auditions.

“I”ve wanted to have a fun record for so long, and it”s fun!” Katharine says of her upcoming album set to hit stores this summer. “I”m not a serious person at all, and people who know me [know] I”m so goofy, and I want that to come out in the music.”

Miss McPhee also gives a few pointers on how to rock that big audition. “You get one opportunity to audition. I like fighting for things in the traditional way – by being as prepared as I possibly can,” she explains.

When it comes to overcoming her anxiety, the dark haired beauty reveals, “I try to take as many deep breaths as I can, but you have to force yourself. When your heart is racing, you want to take little, shallow breaths.”

Although she is very bold in her music and acting, Katharine admits,. “There are people who are bold at the industry parties, who go up to big producers and directors and introduce themselves and I”m not really like that. I”m really kind of shy, and I”m not the best self-promoter. Even with Twitter, I”m always like, “Ok, if I write this, does this make me sound…” There are so many ways to be bold. I think being bold is also being consistent and persistent- plugging away at what I want.”

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