Kate Winslet: Bundles Up Bump in London

Kate Winslet: Bundles Up Bump in London

Taking care of her to-do list, Kate Winslet braved the chilly conditions while out and about in the Chelsea district of London, England today (November 27).

The pregnant Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actress looked to be in good spirits as she meandered around Kings Road sporting a hooded winter coat with a black sweater and a blue and white scarf.

In a recent interview, Kate shared that things are much different for young stars today than they were for her back when Titanic came out.

Someone asked me this morning, So when you did a red carpet, when you were younger, did you get, like, training for that And I turned around and I said, Not in those days you didnt. Now, I think kids do. I certainly know that the actors in Divergent, some of them who havent had that much experience at all have been given a little training. Well, my God, I wouldve given anything for that, but no one ever offered it to me.”

“From the outside looking in, everyone imagines that these little actors who go from nothing to something, they think that it means that they go from living in a two-bedroom flat to suddenly living in a mansion. Well, of course they f—ing dont! I was still living in my two-bedroom flat that Titanic bought me here. It is hilarious, because the fact that I was in Titanic makes people think that Leo [DiCaprio] and I must have both together been paid, I dont know, $10 million or something like that. I mean in those days we werent really anybody, you know We werent! Leo was a little more well-known than me because he had been in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape and The Basketball Diaries, and also he had Romeo & Juliet that came out right in the middle of us shooting Titanic, so he had more under his belt. And I was just this English girl whod done a couple of movies and Oh yeah! She had a supporting actress nomination for that film, what was it Oh, Sense and Sensibility Oh yeah! Oh, thats her Oh, thats the same girl Thats who I was.