Kate Middleton??s Preggers Bikini Pics: Causing Quite a Stir

Kate Middleton??s Preggers Bikini Pics: Causing Quite a Stir

We all remember when pictures of a nude sunbathing Kate Middleton made their rounds on the internet last year, and now the Duchess has been violated once again.

Chi magazine has released images of a pregnant Middleton sunning herself in Mustique while wearing a two-piece bikini on her babymoon with Prince William, and the Palace is furious.

Editor-in-Chief Alfonso Signorini declared, “We cannot talk about a violation of privacy when we publish pictures of public people in a public place. The photographs of Kate and William were bought from an international photo agency.

“You can”t compare this with the media persecution of Lady Diana. I cannot stress enough that the photos were taken in a public place, not private property.”

In reply, a rep from St. James Palace stated, “We are disappointed that photographs of the Duke and Duchess on a private holiday look likely to be published overseas. This is a clear breach of the couple”s right to privacy.”

However Signorini is sticking to his guns. “[The Italian press] has not made a gentlemen”s agreement [like the U.K.] with the Royal Household. Where is this so-called scandal they are trying to make it out as”