Kate Middleton to England — Get Ready to Bow to Your Tiny Overlord!!!

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Prepare for the onslaught of new British Royal collectable tea sets, plates, shirts, hates, etc. — “cause the Royal great-grandbaby is due any minute.

The Queen”s people have released a statement saying Kate Middleton is officially in labor at a hospital in London.

Hundreds of Brits have already taken to the streets to await their new master.

The Monarchy is still not saying of the new baby is a boy or a girl.

We know … once Kate pops out the little squirt, a document will be signed by a member of the official royal medical staff and driven under royal escort to Buckingham Palace.

The medical document — which will contain the fundamental birth info (sex, weight, time of birth) — will be displayed on an “ornate easel” at the palace.

We”re told the name will not be released straight away.

Stay tuned … we”ll have the news as it emerges from Kate”s vagina.