Kate Middleton Pregnant According to Multiple Tabloids as Anniversary Nears

Kate Middleton is finally pregnant by Prince William! Well, that’s what multiple tabloids and magazines would have you believe. The never-ending speculation around and pregnancy rumors have literally hit a fever pitch now that Kate and William’s wedding anniversary is around the corner. And, there’s a valid reason why.

Before Middleton, there was the lovely Princess Diana, who became pregnant with Prince William before the date of her first wedding anniversary and Queen Elizabeth was also pregnant before her first wedding anniversary to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. However, there’s more than just tradition weighing on Middleton having a baby.

Royal insider, Judy Wade said, “Continuity of the monarchy depends on William producing an heir. And a baby would put a seal on William and Kate’s happiness.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William already seem happy. However, they would obviously be over the moon if Middleton were to get pregnant before their April 29th anniversary date. Now or later wouldn’t really matter as long as she has a healthy pregnancy. Do you think they will get pregnant in the next few weeks?