Kate Middleton Gets Flurry of Celebrity Well-Wishing Tweets

Kate Middleton Gets Flurry of Celebrity Well-Wishing Tweets

The Twitterverse is rife with support for the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton as she prepares to give birth to Prince William”s progeny.

And now that shes in labor, Middleton can check her social networking feed if she needs a little extra encouragement.

Recently-engaged Kelly Osbourne tweeted, “It”s all so exciting, the royal baby is on its way!” while Melanie Brown wrote, “Whoop whoop, the royal baby is coming.”

Additionally, Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole shared her joy over Kates labor status- Im so excited for the royal baby!!! and Danielle Lloyd echoed a similar sentiment, So excited, cant wait!

Following up her open letter to Middleton, Nicole Snooki Polizzi penned, Push girl, pushhhhhh! and Sarah Hyland declared, #BABYWATCH UPDATE! Kate Middleton has gone into labor! A royal baby is being born! I repeat! A #ROYALBABY is being born!!

Blink 182 rocker Mark Hoppus shared, Yes I know about the imminent arrival of the royal baby. IT WAS MY IDEA!! and Parks and Recreation star Rashida Jones added, Today may be a good day to announce my new EDM DJ name: Royal Baby Labour.