Kate Hudson in Shape November 2013: I Have No Plans To Retire From Acting Anytime Soon

Kate Hudson in Shape November 2013: I Have No Plans To Retire From Acting Anytime Soon

Stepping off the set of her upcoming comedy “Born to Be King,” Kate Hudson took a beat to cover the November 2013 issue of Shape magazine.

After flaunting her flawless figure for the Niño Munoz-shot spread, the “Raising Helen” beauty dished about her love for dancing and shared advice that Kurt Russell gave her when she started acting.

Check out a few highlights from Miss Hudson”s interview below. For more, be sure to visit Shape!

On her dance workouts:
“It”s the basis of what I do for exercise because it”s dance-oriented- and, as you saw at the shoot, I love to dance. It”s my creative outlet. My heart is really in comtemporary jazz, but lately I”ve been ballroom dancing with Derek Hough [from “Dancing With the Stars”]. It”s been a real blast.”

On her exercise schedule:
“I”d sleep in for an extra three hours and hope my kids let me. Next, I”d work out and take a sauna. Then I”d probably want to get in the pool with the kids. After that I”d read, followed by watching “Downton Abbey” while eating a big bag of Pirates Booty. That would be my perfect day. My new thing is that I always carry a jump rope with me. Then whenever i have a break during the day, I”ll just jump. I can either sit around looking at my phone or I can jump!”

On her love for food:
“I”ve eaten in all sorts of different ways over the years. I like to do juice cleanses twice a year for five to seven days, or food elimination cleanses where I just eat super clean. That”s really the only time when I”m very strict. Other than that, anything. I just love food. I love bread. I love pasta.”

On her worries about aging in Hollywood:
“Not at all. In fact, I”m finding that the parts are more interesting as I get older, which is great because I”m planning to do it for the rest of my life. I remember Kurt [Russell] asking me when I was younger, “Why are you choosing to act Because if you”re doing it for stardom, it”s a very small window. If you”re choosing it because you love it, you”re in the right profession.” And that”s true of any career, actually.”