Kate Hudson and Zach Braff: "Wish I Was Here" Pals

Kate Hudson and Zach Braff:

Enjoying another sunny day at work, Kate Hudson and Zach Braff showed up on the set of their upcoming indie film “Wish I Was Here” on Wednesday (August 21).

The “Raising Helen” beauty and “Scrubs” hunk enjoyed each others company as they shot a few scenes.

Meanwhile, Kate is dealing with a situation involving an abortion clinic used photos of her in their advertisements.

The Orland, Florida clinic made headlines over giving coupons for $50 for abortions on Sunday”s only to women on welfare. The coupons featured Kate”s face and the clinic posted videos on YouTube with more photos for $100 off of abortions.

Miss Hudson”s rep, Brad Cafarelli, spoke out about the situation and states that not only does she not support the late-term abortion business, but the clinic had no permission to use the photo what”s so ever.

“I can confirm that this use is unauthorized and we had no knowledge of it,” Mr Cafarelli says.

The abortion clinic behind the ad is owned by Dr. James Scott Pendergraft, who has a history of malpractice lawsuits and breaking the law. His clinic has just reopened this summer after the police shut it down the previous year.