Kate Gosselin Sues Jon Over Tell-All — He Hacked My Computer to Steal Secrets

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Kate Gosselin
has just filed a massive lawsuit against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin — claiming he hacked into her personal computer and bank accounts in order to expose her darkest secrets … all for a tell-all book.

The book is called “Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World” — written last year by Jon”s business partner and tabloid journalist Rob Hoffman — and Kate claims the bulk of the book”s dirt was illegally obtained.

Kate claims the book has since been removed from major distributors like Amazon as a result of its nefarious origins … but the real dirt is Kate”s allegations against her ex.

Kate says Jon stopped at nothing to dig the skeletons out of her closet — funneling Rob personal information after hacking into Kate”s email accounts, and stealing her confidential bank and phone records — even pilfering her hard drive right out of her personal computer.

She”s suing for invasion of privacy, identity theft, and a bunch of other stuff, demanding unspecified damages … possibly even millions.