Kate Beckinsale Scolds Chelsea Handler??s ??Toxic? Lifestyle on ??After Lately?

Kate Beckinsale Scolds Chelsea Handler??s ??Toxic? Lifestyle on ??After  Lately?

Shes one of the most gorgeous gals in the land, and Kate Beckinsale took issue with Chelsea Handler”s health and way of life in a funny new clip from After Lately.

The Serendipity starlet invites Handler to a private yoga session whereupon she launches into a lecture regarding what she considers a toxic lifestyle.

Kate begins, “I”ve been sort of looking at your body a bit, and I feel like . . . it”s not great, Chelsea, to which Chelsea replies, “Well, okay, I get it. You have a great body. But you don”t need to stick my face in it. I see it! I mean, if I start doing this on a regular [basis], when does it kick in, the yoga”

Beckinsale continues, “It”s not just the yoga. It”s also what you”re eating and what you”re doing. You”ve got quite a toxic lifestyle I”m having juice. I”m having absolutely no food at all, let alone drugs and different types of penis every day. Do you know what I mean”

Defending herself, Chelsea replies, “I don”t have that much penis. I mean, come on, Kate — you know my personal life and it”s not that much. At least I stopped, I curbed it. People quit smoking! Tell me what to do and I”ll do it.”

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