Karina Smirnoff Says Gavin DeGraw Is Working on Being Romantic and Sexy

It sucked to be in the bottom last week on Dancing with the Stars. That wasn”t cool. We thought we could be in the bottom two because we were in the lower half of the leader board but our mantra is “hope dies less,” and we were definitely hoping we weren”t going to be.

After our jive on Monday, Gavin was a little upset. The judges” comments didn”t bother him but he was hard on himself because he felt we did the routine better in rehearsal. I think performing second to last was bad for us. While we were waiting those almost two hours, we kept going over the dance and I think we over analyzed it. Gavin made a good point, when you do something like bungee jumping, it is not the event itself that freaks you out, but rather it”s the anticipation of it. If we are going to go last again, we won”t be practicing during the show.

This week is very important, it”s our turn to share a personal story. We are doing the rumba – the dance of love – so we are working on being very romantic and sexy, but we also want to show the sentimental value of the personal story that Gavin is going to bring to this week”s show.

The only thing that concerns me is that the rumba is a sexy dance and Gavin is not extremely comfortable being too sexy with me. It will be fun to see if he can pull it off, and I”m excited. I feel like we are further with the rumba than we were with the previous dances at this point in the week. I think that is because we are rehearsing in L.A. now.

Up until last week, we were constantly traveling for Gavin”s tour. We would be driving in a car for seven hours before dance rehearsal and then he would do his show. We were as mentally exhausted as we were physically exhausted. Now he has no excuses; he has to have his butt ready for me to kick it every time he gets to the studio!