Karen Klein — School Bus Bullies SLAPPED With One-Year Suspension

The four hooligans who ruthlessly bullied school bus monitor Karen Klein have officially been served their punishment — and it”s a big, fat suspension.

In a statement released by the Greece Central School District … the four seventh grade boys who taunted the 68-year-old grandmother were issued a one year suspension from school, a one year suspension from bus use, ordered to perform 50 hours of community service with the elderly and are required to participate in a bully prevention program.

The district added that the boys will be sent to the district Reengagement Center — a special alternative education program — since by the law they are required to provide an education.

If you recall … Klein”s story received national attention after a 10 minute YouTube video of the boys bullying her on the bus went viral. She has said from the beginning she did not want to press criminal charges.