Kardashians?? ??Khroma? Cosmetics: Under Injunction

Kardashians?? ??Khroma? Cosmetics: Under Injunction

They seem to be able to sell anything to anyone, but the Kardashian family took a huge misstep when they named their new cosmetic line Khroma, as licensed through the Boldface company.

According to a report, theres another beauty brand called Kroma and owner Lee Tillett has called foul on Kim, Kourtney and Khloe, and Kris Jenners latest venture.

In fact, a US District Court Judge has upheld Tilletts concerns and slapped the Khroma label with an injunction, stating, “Tillett has demonstrated that it will likely lose business opportunities, customers, and goodwill due to Boldface”s use of the confusingly similar Khroma Beauty marks.

“This Court has little doubt that, in short order, the Khroma Beauty products will likely eliminate Tillett”s business entirely, creating irreparable harm to justify an injunction.”

“Boldface”s marks are backed by the Kardashians” nationwide fame, and Boldface”s product line has received extensive nationwide media coverage, has been shown to millions of viewers on an episode of the Kardashians” reality television show, has been promoted on each of the Kardashian sisters” websites and social media pages, and in the national press. The products are now in 5,321 stores in 48 states, and by April 2013 the products will be available on Boldface”s website. And this is just Boldface”s initial launch.”

The judge added, “Boldface”s “ability to saturate the marketplace creates a potential that consumers will assume that [Tillett”s] market refers to [Boldface], and thus perceive that the businesses are somehow associated.

This court is well-aware of the impact an injunction will have on Boldface”s business, which could amount to millions of dollars in losses. But the Court is also fully convinced that withholding an injunction will destroy Tillett”s business, which it has built over a decade, causing losses of hundreds of thousands (and perhaps millions) of dollars in past investment and future revenue.”