Kardashian Family Beefs Up Security After Paparazzi Breach — But Something Stinks

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Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have beefed up security at their Calabasas estate after a paparazzo allegedly trespassed onto their property, our sources has learned — but video footage of the incident makes the whole thing smell kinda fishy.

Kim posted the Blair-Witch-style video online last week, showing her mom running into their backyard … in hot pursuit of the rogue photog.  They say they even called the cops.

Sources close to the K-Klan tell us, the family has since hired round-the-clock security … pretty crazy considering they already live in a gated community.

Now the fishy part … If someone really was creeping around their property, why would a defenseless woman like Kim”s mom run out to confront him …  especially a really rich defenseless woman

Is this a publicity stunt or is she just plain crazy