Kanye West’s Secret Plan to Avoid Paparazzi Confrontations

Exclusive 0924-kanye-LAX

Kanye West has been instructed  to stay clear of the paparazzi at LAX … to the point of flying hundreds of miles out of his way to avoid fresh confrontations … our sources has learned.

Kanye — who has been flying frequently — is finding all sorts of round-about ways of getting from L.A. to various destinations. 

One thing”s clear … getting into another paparazzi confrontation at LAX will be disastrous for his pending criminal case.  our sources broke the story … Kanye is being charged with battery and attempted grand theft for allegedly attacking a yappy photog.

So, for example, we found out … Kanye and Kim Kardashian are going to Paris later this week, but they will be flying to another airport via private jet, where they will pick up a non-stop commercial flight to gay Paree.

We”re told the private jet for the first leg will cost Kanye $5,000.  We”re guessing he can afford it.