Kanye West — Yeah, I’ll Attack Disrespectful Photogs

Kanye West
made it clear last night on Jimmy Kimmel”s show … he will fight the paparazzi with physical force if they cross the line in the sand … the line Kanye has drawn.

It”s pretty amazing.  Kanye is facing criminal charges for attacking a photog at LAX.  Prosecutors want to use video of Kanye”s greatest hits.  And now you can bet they will use his comments on Kimmel to show he”s an angry man out for blood.  And by the way, he”s sayin” that”s how people from Chicago are raised.

Kanye also buried the hatchet with Jimmy over the skit that caused a huge rift — and Kimmel kinda apologized.

And of course, Kanye said he”s a genius.