Kanye West Will Press Criminal Charges Against Photog

Exclusive 0927-kanye-west-x17-fightKanye West says he”s got the goods to get at least one of the photogs who showed up at his house today PROSECUTED … our sources has learned.

Sources directly connected to Kanye tell our sources … Kanye has reviewed the security footage from his Hollywood Hills home, and he says it CLEARLY shows at least one of the photogs trespassing on his private property.

We”re told Kanye says he will file a police report and ask that the photog be prosecuted for criminal trespass.

As you know, two photogs (not our sources) showed up at Kanye”s house at 4 AM and peppered him with questions about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel, and Kanye went ballistic.

It”s unclear who will go to the cop shop and file the report, because Kanye and Kim are on a plane right now, heading for Paris.