Kanye West Unveils "New Slaves" on the Sides of Buildings: Watch Here!

Kanye West Unveils

Not satisfied to let his new single quietly become available in stores and online, Kanye West projected his face on buildings in 66 locations worldwide to debut “New Slaves” on Friday (May 17).

The tune will be the first single off of the 35-year-old rapper”s first solo album since 2010″s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

In the track, Weezy takes on familiar targets of the media and today”s racism, rapping, “It”s rich ni**a racism that”s that “come in, please buy more. What you want A Bentley, fur coat, a diamond chain All you blacks want all the same thing.”

Confirming the rumored album release date, Kanye”s girlfriend Kim Kardashian shared a photo of one of the buildings on Twitter with the caption, “#YeezySeason #JuneEighteenth.”

**WARNING** This video may be objectionable to some readers.