Kanye West — Theraflu Has Last Laugh in Rap Drama

Kanye West and Theraflu
The people at Theraflu insist they”re not as stuffy as you think … claiming they DID NOT force Kanye West to change the title of his new song.

The song in question is “Theraflu” … or WAS “Theraflu” — Kanye retitled his Kris Humphries diss track over the weekend and it”s now known as, “Way Too Cold.”

Rumors are swirling that Kanye buckled under legal pressure from the company behind Theraflu — but both Kanye and the cold medicine people claim it”s all BS.

In fact, the Theraflu people sent us a statement about the situation … telling us, “Novartis Consumer Health did not ask that the name be changed — that request would be way too cold.”

Ha. Ha. Ha.