Kanye West — Hey, President Obama … Keep My Name and Kim’s Outta Your Mouth

Kanye West is slapping a ban on President Obama … or at least all conversations about him as retaliation for the prez calling Yeezy a “jackass.”

Kanye”s latest rant aired this morning on 107.9 FM in Philly. The hosts asked him about Obama”s infamous comment … and Kanye angrily responded, “I don”t care if your”re the president. I bring joy to people.”

Kanye goes on to explain why he won”t be talking about that guy in the White House anymore. It”s definitely arrogant, but maybe a little funny too

Kanye added that Obama better not talk about Kim Kardashian either, saying … he “shouldn”t mention my baby mama name, “cause we both from Chicago.”

Mr. President, you”ve been warned.