Kanye West Goes Off During Latest Rant in Las Vegas

Kanye West Goes Off During Latest Rant in Las Vegas

Hes always felt the freedom to express his thoughts regardless of the occasion, and Kanye West unleashed some new fury while performing in Las Vegas on Friday night (October 25).

The Jesus Walks rapper shared his thoughts on a plethora of topics during a nearly-ten-minute speech during his high-energy set.

Kanye declared, “People tell me how I should act when I”m on TV. F–k TV,” Kanye said in the diatribe. “People [are] trying to tell me how I should act when I do an interview. F–k an interview.”

He also told the crowd to stop shopping at Barneys New York following allegations that some store employees had racially profiled customers.

“That”s that broke n**ga racism. Don”t touch anything in the store. Excuse me that”s that, “can I help you sir” That”s that racial profiling out in front of Barneys and s**t. Talking about, “Did you steal that” And it”s that rich n**ga racism, that”s come in… come in please buy more, please buy more… I know you just got some money and can”t wait to spend it n**ga.”

Unfortunately, Wests rant may put a strain on his relationship with Jay Z who has decided not to pull his new collection from the stores shelves.

Check the video below!