Kanye West — Explains Airport Attack, ‘My Grandpa Was Dying’

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Dear paparazzi: It may be okay to talk to Kanye West again … at least based on this incredible video of KW chatting up photogs at a gas station.

What”s amazing is that Kanye not only talked to a few paps … he joked with them while filling up his Lambo today in Calabasas — and then launched into an explanation for why he went ballistic on that photog at LAX back in July.

Yeezy claims Daniel Ramos set him up by antagonizing him … and it just happened to go down right after he learned his grandfather was dying. 

Kanye”s been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for the incident.

But there”s a ton more he talks about … like being fearful his daughter will have to deal with the media frenzy that follows him. He even tells the paps, “We in this together.”

Gotta say … it”s the coolest we”ve seen Ye in a long time — especially considering there was one jerk photog there trying to get under his skin.