Justin Theroux: Jennifer Aniston Made Me Breakdance for Her Birthday

Jennifer Aniston and  Justin Theroux
Having recently celebrated her 43rd birthday, Jennifer Aniston had but one wish from boyfriend Justin Theroux – and it involved his hitting the floor … and spinning.

“Ever since she saw Zoolander, she”s been obsessed with making me breakdance,” Theroux, 40, told Ellen DeGeneres for Wednesday”s The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

To get out of dancing on command, Theroux said, he started insisting that to do the deed he needed to be wearing specific foot gear.

“I have a very particular pair shoes which I breakdance in,” Theroux told DeGeneres, adding, “If I don”t have my breakin” shoes, I don”t breakdance.”

But, according to Theroux, on her birthday earlier this month, Aniston would not be deterred and brought out the shoes as soon as they got home after a long celebratory evening.

“At the end of the night, after the whole thing, she said, “Put on the shoes. Breakdance,” ” he said.

Aniston didn”t stop there. She surprised Theroux by sending the shoes to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, prompting him to treat the audience to a performance on the spot.