Justin Bieber’s Sidekicks — Gunning for MTV Reality Show

Exclusive 090913_lil_za_launch

Justin Bieber“s “Lil” BFFs are officially on the hunt for an MTV reality show … and, naturally, they”re trying to rope JB into the action … our sources has learned.

We spoke to Lil Za on his way out of Pick Up Stix in Calabasas this weekend … and in between mouthfulls of Chicken Chow Mein, Za spilled the beans.

“Twist is actually about to pitch a TV show with MTV,” Za told us … “Hopefully they pick it up. They will though … it”s quite entertaining.”

Za says the show will focus on Lil Twist”s aspiring rap career … and claims Bieber will most likely make a few appearances “here and there” when he”s not on tour.

We”re told Za is also trying to break into acting — and has reached out to Bieber for advice — since JB did a real bang up job the last time he graced the small screen …