Justin Bieber’s Dumb Friend — STAGED Selena Gomez Hookup Pics

Exclusive 041013_gomez_surrvailance_launch
BUSTED!!! Justin Bieber“s freeloading friend is NOT hooking up with Selena Gomez, even though he went to Herculean lengths to make it seem that way … and we have video proof.

King Kevi — who became famous-adjacent recently by living in Justin”s house and throwing ragers with lots of girls, bongs and beer — caused a stir when these pics (below) surfaced, showing the fake royalty appearing to leave Selena”s San Fernando Valley estate Saturday night.


Various media reported Kevi — the up-and-coming nobody — was inside her house and “hung out.”  But we got our hands on surveillance footage taken the night in question … showing Kevi posing in front of Selena”s house while camera flashes went off … but never making it past the gate.

Selena wasn”t even home at the time the photos were taken.

In other words … it was all a setup by the guy who is mooching off the Biebs.

He”s no Kato Kaelin.