Justin Bieber's "Believe" Trailer Hits the Web on Friday! Check Out a Preview Here!

Justin Bieber's

With the trailer for his brand new movie coming out on Friday (November 15), Justin Bieber”s director, John Chu spilled the beans about the 19-year-old”s discussions of his success, experiences and recent trouble with the law.

“I think it”s a great representation of what our movie is,” Chu said, discussing Justin”s quotes. “I think a lot of people don”t know what this movie is. What more story can you tell of the Justin Bieber story There”s so much that has happened this year and last year, building the tour and his personal life, that we get to delve into. And you get to see the truth.”

“You rarely hear of doing another documentary slash concert film, but this had more story to tell,” he continued. “And I think when you watch the trailer; you”ll get a sense that this is a story about a human being. It”s about a boy becoming an artist, a boy becoming a man.”

“As for the movie, [it] tells the story of growing up a bit. And so that”s what you”ll see in the trailer, without losing the spectacle and fun. I think his Believe album”s awesome and you get to experience his concert unlike any time, front row seats right there. So it”s pretty cool.” Chu also revealed that the “Biebs”” silhouetted movie poster will also drop online alongside the trailer.

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